un-du Sticker, Tape & Label Remover, 4 oz, Retail pkg, 12/case

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un-du® Sticker, Tape & Label Remover, 4 ounce bottle

Plastic clam shell retail display packaging with hanger hole. Product can be hung on display rods or stands upright on shelf.
Priced per case
SRP: $8.98 per bottle
Quantity per case: 12
Minimum order: 1 case
No split cases
shipped from manufacturer
Made in USA
UPC 731919000033

Acid free solution used to remove stickers, labels, tape, decals, vehicle pin stripes and vinyl signage, bumper stickers and similar self-adhesive products. Also effective for removing soft wax (such as candle wax and crayon) from fabrics, walls, paper, and most other surfaces. Includes patented lifter tool to aid in applying solution and removing self adhesive items.Safe on most fabrics, paper, painted surfaces, fiberglass and plastics, film, photos, glass lenses.

Not recommended on unfinished leather or suede.

Removes carpet tape residue, self-adhering weather stripping, hot-melt glues, tree sap.
Works by temporarily neutralizing the adhesive properties of self-sticking or pressure sensitive products. Adhesive properties return after solution dries making un-du useful for repositioning self-adhereing decals, stickers, labels, signage.

Attention California customers:This formula may not be sold or used in California. A special formula which reduces the volatility (rate of evaporation) of un-du® is available for California customers. Products meeting California regulations related to volatile organic compounds are available here: un-du® VOC products.

  • Item No: 0003STLR4-12R
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  • Manufacturer info: un-du

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