MobiCam Ultra 900Mhz Video Monitoring System

Manufacturer: Mobi Technologies, Inc.

Manufacturer's Part No. 70007
UPC 891040700070
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The MobiCam Ultra system is a compace, portable, multi function color handheld, wireless monitoring system consisting of a camera, wireless monitor (receiver), and associated AC power adapters. The system operates on 900Mhz for clear signals up to 300 feet. Camera and receiver are both designed for mobility and can be moved to any location within the home. The MobiCam Ultra is not limited to just home use, the compact and light design can be transported anywhere and ready for use instantly. The system is expandable to 2 cameras and unlimited receivers.
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Date of  review: September 11, 2007Posted by the store owner of Aspen Shops Online

Aspen Shops has tested this product and wishes to disclose the following:

This product produces high quality images, clear sound, and has the ability to perform under low or no light.

This system consists of two units: A wireless color camera and a portable monitor (wireless receiver). Included with the system are two AC power adapters for the camera and monitor.

The advanced features, including high resolution color video, infrared illumination for night vision use, and wireless transmission, tend to draw down battery power rapidly. We recommend avoiding battery operation whenever possible, particularly for the camera unit. The receiver draws less power and can be operated on batteries for 8 hours or more. Using VOX mode will extend this time. We recommend connecting the receiver to AC power for overnight monitoring. Please think of this system as an AC powered system with battery backup.

The camera has a large removable clip (similar to a belt clip) that can be swiveled to support the unit on a flat surface. A screw slot is also provided on the clip so it can be slipped over a screw head for wall mounting the camera. A nice feature of the camera is the ability to mount the camera then swing the adjustable lens up and down to aim it.

The infrared lamps built into the camera are sufficient to light a room. The camera's night vision feature is sensitive enough to monitor an entire room lit by the infrared lamps. When monitoring a child in a darkened room, the night vision feature provides the best picture when the camera is placed at least 4 feet from the child.

For lighted rooms you can place the camera much closer or further away as you desire with excellent results. This camera operates in color under normal light, and black and white when using the night setting. When set to "Night" it will automatically switch to color when there is sufficient light.

Other comments:

The VOX (voice operated) system works very well. This is a noise reduction/battery saver feature. With VOX turned on you will not hear ambient noise such as the sound of a fan or air from a furnace come through the speaker, however you will hear baby's coos and and grunts and definitely hear his/her cries.

The receiver has a belt clip so you can take it with you to other parts of the house. This is especially convenient for keeping tabs on your little ones while moving about the house, garage or yard. The clip can also be swung around to act as a table stand.

All video devices draw heavily on batteries. Color video screens, wireless video transmitters and infrared lamps simply require lots of battery power. However, if you view this as an AC powered system with battery backup you should be well pleased. And the added feature of being able to move about the house with the monitor is very cool.

High resolution color image in normal or low light
Safe infrared LED night vision technology
High quality sound with VOX option
Attractive cases
AC or battery operation.
Portable battery operated receiver/monitor for freedom of movement
Use for crib, yard, playroom monitoring or as security camera
900 MHz transmission provides signal throughout typical home and most yards.

Limited battery life (consistent with other devices of this type)